About Us

Working toward empowerment for ALL bodies through the exploration of lingerie and underwear, Étaín is an underthings sanctuary built on radical body positivity, inclusivity, and intersectional feminism. 

Much of our mission is centered around a physical space: our brick-and-mortar location in Portland, Maine, which we opened in 2014.  It is important to us that we provide an inviting and inclusive atmosphere, specifically geared towards those who struggle to feel safe and supported elsewhere.

By fostering this safer space, we aim to empower the individual and to undermine conventional beauty standards and phobias.  We believe in true body positivity for those of all shapes, sizes, genders, races, abilities, ages, religions, and identities.  Your intimates should meet your needs, first and foremost.

To that end, Étaín offers an extensive range of sizes and a wide variety of styles, and we're expanding all the time!  Bra and chest binder fittings are always available at our shop, and we've also provided some tips on fitting yourself at home.

We love our little shop, but we also want to share our selection with babely wearers of undergarments near and far!  To that end, we've curated a sampling of our inventory for your perusal and purchasing pleasure right here on the interwebs! 

Please reach out if you wish to order an item carried in our store but not found on our website.  We will do our very best to oblige!  We are always receptive to feedback from our customers and are constantly looking for ways to better serve YOU.

And don't forget to visit us at our shop in Portland whenever you're in town!