Fitting Yourself for a Chest Binder

Be sure to take binder measurements either topless or over a snug-fitting shirt.  Unlike with other measurements, you'll want to wrap the measuring tape tightly so that it's about as snug as a binder would be. 

Refer to the Danaë sizing chart below to get an idea of what will work for you.  As with other undergarments, you are ultimately in charge of determining what fits best. Can you breath? Is the fit gender-affirming?  Is it relatively comfortable? (Let’s be honest, chest binders are not the most comfortable garments around, but consider how you’ll feel wearing it for more than a few minutes/throughout the day.)  All of these factors are important, but be particularly careful not to bind too tightly.  Ill-fitting binders can lead to breathing issues, cracked ribs, or even a punctured lung.


 Sizing (in. )

 chest 26-30 30-33. 5 33. 5-40 40-43 43-45 45-46. 5
 waist 20. 5-23. 5 23. 5-27 27-30 30-33 33-35 35-38
 shoulder 10-12 12-14 14-16. 5 16. 5-19 19-22 22-23


When getting into a binder, be sure that your body and the garment are completely dry.  The styles we currently offer on our site should not be worn in water (with the exception of our swim binders).  Remember to continue checking in with your body, and be particularly aware of your ability to breath during physical exertion—for certain activities, you may want to skip binding.  Try not to bind for more than 8-10 hours at a time.  After removing the binder, cough a few times to loosen any fluid that has built up in the lungs, and take some deep breaths.

Tips from Danaë

  • If there is a big difference between your chestwidth and waist (your waist is much smaller than your chest). Choose the size according to your waist size.
  • If you are in between sizes we encourage you to consider your shoulder measurements; If you have broader shoulders, definitely go with the larger size.  
  • Do not intentionally go down in size; you will not be able to put the binder on.
  • Binders are meant to be tight, like a second skin. You should be able to breath and the material should not be cutting into your skin

Danaë Fit Guide