With Love from Étaín: an update on our response to COVID-19

Dearest Babes,

Our apologies for the delayed update—we’ve been taking time to absorb this new and rapidly shifting landscape and to consider what it means as far as how we engage with our beloved community. Here is where we’re at:

The shop has been closed up since Sunday 3/15 and will remain closed until further notice.

For now, we will continue to accept online orders and are taking extra precautions in processing these shipments. For free delivery (in Portland only), select “in-store pickup” and leave your address in the comments. Deliveries will be made within 1-3 days and are dependent on current public health recommendations.

In-store gift certificates can also be purchased online for future use. As always, these records are kept on-file, so no paper certificate is required—your store credit will be waiting for you when Étaín opens its doors again.

Please reach out to us with any questions, concerns, and/or requests. We are open to creative ways of connecting, including remote fittings, etc.! Best methods are text (207-370-7278) and e-mail ([email protected]).

That’s all for our logistical announcements. Now, on a more personal note from your buddy Mack:

When I opened up shop six years ago, my primary goal was to provide a (physically and emotionally) safe and inclusive space for people in my community, specifically for those who are too frequently denied safety and inclusion elsewhere. I have often been resistant (perhaps too resistant) in expanding our online presence/operations because this physical space and the in-person connections it facilitates are so deeply important to me. It is those interactions and relationships with all of YOU that fuel me and, in tern, fuel étaín.

When the physical safety and health of our community came under threat, and when our presence as a public space became part of that threat, the decision to close felt obvious. In some ways, I am at an advantage as a largely one-human show, with no other employees relying on the business. So many of us are struggling right now, and so many are especially vulnerable. To be fully transparent, I will be prioritizing mutual aid and self-care over any commercial operations for as long as this crisis continues.

Étaín, along with so many other local businesses, will experience significant financial setbacks due to this pandemic. The future is uncertain in countless ways, but this much is clear: our collective health, dignity, and survival as human beings is far more important than any establishment we run or support.

To those of you who are financially comfortable, we hope that you’ve been able to and will continue to share funds and resources with those who are not. To those of you who are in need of resources, please do not hesitate to reach out. If we are unable to help, we may be able to connect you with someone who can.

Okay, that’s everything for the moment, but we’ll be in touch. Love y’all. Stay safe, stay home, stay connected…and obvi wash yer hands <3


Mack / étaín